Back to School: “All About Me”

Back to school can be a stressful time for any child. For your child with Down Syndrome, this year, Back to School time could be especially nerve-wracking. To ease the transition, we suggest maintaining open communication with your child’s teacher. Open communication includes informing your child’s teacher on your child’s diagnosis, the learning strategies that work best for your child, and the long-term educational goals you have for your child. You might also include more personal information about your child: their likes and dislikes, strengths, favorite things, or interests. 

A great way to do this is in an All About Me document! Included in this blog post is a template for an “All About Me” document that you might use for your child. 

Breaking down the components of the “All About Me” 

Introduce your child

  • You might add their name, a picture of them, their age, and include a brief introduction of your child.
  • How would you describe your child? What is their personality like? What will help them be successful in the upcoming school year?

Include your child’s strengths (academic, social, emotional strengths), what works and does not work for your child (classroom strategies, classroom environment), and what your child is working on (academically, socially, emotionally).

  • Include a more extensive list of the things / people / places / activities your child loves!

Include a vision statement for your child

    • This space could be used to speak of your vision for your child’s life. You might mention your goals for your child in the upcoming school year, or even more long-term goals you have for your child. 

You know your child better than anyone, and you are their primary advocate. Maintaining open communication with your child’s teacher can help ease your child’s transition into a new school year, and can help set them up for a successful year.

Click here to get your template of the All About Me page to share with your child’s teacher. Hope your child has a safe and happy year learning!

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