Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Vision

Dear Mom and Dad,

I may be tiny now, and may need your help to dress me, feed me and help me to walk, but please “don’t lose sight of your vision” for me!

I know you wonder if because I have Down Syndrome, will I be able to play sports; dance; swim or do gymnastics, know that I will. I will because you believe in me, because you will do anything you can to help provide me the therapies I need to get strong.

I know you will give me all the hugs I need to make it to the finish line. I know that I will hear your voice cheering me on from the sideline, because I hear it now.

Your love and belief in me even with my diagnosis of Down Syndrome, gives me the determination to keep going. To keep trying new things until I find something that I like to do. Something that I am good at, and something that not only makes you proud, but makes me proud of myself.

So keep working with me.

Keep taking me to the therapy appointments.

Because I promise you they will pay off.

Maybe I will win a gold medal in Special Olympics or maybe I won’t!

Maybe I will be an awesome dancer that has a lead part in a play or maybe I will be a backup dancer!

But no matter what place I come in, know that I tried my best and with you by my side I can do amazing things!

Thank you for always being by my side and pushing me to be my BEST!!!

And parents, please know that Special & Determined is by your side, cheering you on! We are here to help!

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