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Our vision

Our goal is to dismantle the stigma of Down Syndrome, while providing families and their children with Down Syndrome access to educational resources and therapeutic services, so one day they will be seen as “abled” instead of “disabled.” We want to reshape the conversation and in doing so, give greater societal focus to the families who are needing the necessary support, so their child can reach their fullest life potential.

Kids stories

"Our son, Nate took speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy provided by Missouri First Steps to support his development. We felt these services met an incredibly significant need for our son. The services were delivered in our home by visiting therapists. This was incredibly valuable because Nate could work on play, mobility and eating in his own environment. It also benefitted us because they showed us ways to encourage his development between visits."
Brian & Jenny Herndon
"Early intervention set the foundation for Sean's life and gave me as a parent the direction I needed to aide his development. His therapists showed me different exercises to help him learn to sit up, then crawl, and walk...eat, and develop his fine motor skills we were able to perform these exercises each day so his muscles developed quicker. Early intervention gave Sean the exponential boost required to join the world of pre-school and enjoy learning with his typical peers."
Sandra Assismotos McElwee